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It all started when avid boating enthusiast, Andy Keenan ran into some fuel maintenance problem on his own boat. He shopped around and realized there wasn’t the right solution out there.  He soon developed his own solution, and realized there were tons of other people with the same issues. Friends caught on and wanted the product as well, so a patent was approved and a new business began!
Andy designed the system to make it easy to manage the problem of clogged filters, to make filter changes and bleeding easier. He integrated a vacuum switch with a warning panel at the helm; this was important as no one else did this. System testing and fuel polishing completed the package!  The original FilterBOSS was mostly for sail boats and trawlers with a fuel flow of 20-35 GPH, with the major overall goal of keeping the engine running. Then he developed the FilterBOSS COMMANDER series to improve the flow range and accommodate larger fuel flows, as well as improving the polishing capabilities of the system. This means it can be used on BIGGER engines (up to 180 GPH flow) found on power yachts, trawlers, catamarans, etc…  The COMMANDER looks much different than the original FilterBOSS and there are many added benefits to this version. He recently added an Electric Filter Switch so a crew member can switch filters from the helm! He is now working on other products that will make boating safer and more affordable. Currently Andy and his wife Carole (and family!) cruise in their sailboat Ob-La-Di, a 1978 Formosa51, where they test new products first hand!  As Captain Ron says “if something’s gonna happen, it’s gonna happen out there!”

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