Do your customers run into the same problems with fuel?

Want to offer them a complete solution in one unit backed by our technical support team?

Our product is a great solution for diesel owners at many different stages.
  • If you offer repowers, the FilterBOSS is an intelligent choice because it protects the engine they’ve just bought and installed.
  • Its also great for those putting their boats in the water after winter storage, because its worth it for the fuel polishing mode alone.
  • Those refitting their boats for a big voyage, this product will help them ensure their ability to keep their boat moving the whole journey.
  • For new boaters, this is a product that simplifies their fuel system and ensures safety.
  • For diesel generation systems, this product ensures that they will have clean fuel so they can function when they are needed most, like times of emergency.
We hope that you find our product to be a great solution for the many type of diesel problems you and encounter and the variety of customers you have.
We are always looking for qualified dealer/installers of our product around the world. Please take a look at our company brochure, installation manuals, and the rest of our site and decide if our product would be a good fit for you.

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